All Tees Active venues are closed from Thursday 19th March 2020 until further notice.

Please see www.facebook.com/teesactive/posts/2848750751884538 for more information.

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  1. Comfy Trainers and Clothes

You should feel at home when you are visiting GoClimb, you don’t need any fancy climbing equipment we have that already here for you! Just grab your favourite pair of trainers and some clothes you feel comfy in and you will be flying up the walls in no time. We would like you to feel at home, but would you walk dirty shoes through your home? No, well make sure you bring clean shoes to CoClimb!



What a great venue to take some truly original snaps! Post your pictures and videos of your day on social media and use the #goclimbwalls. You can walk around the walls and get some great snaps of the action up close, just remember not to take your phone up the wall with you.

Academy GoClimb

All Your Mates

Share the experience with your family and friends! Go head to head on the race wall, see who can hold on the longest on the leap of faith, or pull funny faces at each other through the transparent wall!

Mirror Wall

Booking reference

If you have booked online in advance, don’t forget to bring along your email booking reference. You can pay when you get there if you haven’t booked online but it’s better to reserve your place to guarantee fun! Book online at: www.goclimb.co.uk


Your Sense of Fun and Adventure!

Probably the most important essential of all! If you forget everything else on the list make sure you enjoy yourself when you are there.



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Just had the best time ever at GoClimb!! Brought 4 kids aged between 7-11 and they all loved it!Jenni Foster, Seaton Carew