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Record temperatures have hit Teesside over the past couple of days, hitting up to 30°C in some parts of the area. Everyone has been in a constant state of flush or had a serious case of sweaty pits trying to find ways to cool down. Are you sick of the office fan not quite rotating your way? Are you tired of every shop running out of ice lollies? Do you feel like you could just dive fully clothed into a swimming pool?

Well lucky, we have come up with some alternative solutions to help you cool down on the Costa Del Tees!

Ice skating

Literally the coolest place to be in Teesside over the past few days has been Billingham Forum Ice Arena! Check out the ice skating timetable for times and prices



Enjoy the large cool setting that is GoClimb in Billingham Forum, with over 20 walls to climb plus a ginormous plunge slide big enough to frighten any heat wave away. Book GoClimb online now, open every day 10am – 6pm until 4th September.


Air Trail

Stand at the top of Air Trail and let the cool breeze from the River Tees gently waft over you. Oooh that’s much better! Book your Air Trail visit from as little as £7.00 online. Remember, Air Trail is now open every day, 10am – 4pm until 4th September.

View From The Top


Cool down in one of our 3 swimming pools, Splash, Billingham Forum or Thornaby Pool. Diving in with your clothes on though will be strictly ridiculed!

Mother (30s) and son (9 years) having fun in swimming pool.

follow the trail

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The staff gave our nervous children loads of encouragement and never a negative word heard.Both children were flying by the end and desperate to come back.Gary Dickinson