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Here at GoClimb Billingham Forum we can’t wait for the summer holidays to arrive! As we are so excited we have decided to bring back our ever-popular ‘Beat The Race Wall’ challenge for the start of the holidays. During your GoClimb session a member of our adventure crew will set a time for you to […]

There are busy Dads and lazy Dad’s, fun Dad’s and grumpy Dad’s and so on… but they all have one thing in common… THEY ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! So how do you treat the best dad in the world? You have got him enough ties and pairs of socks so it’s time […]

There is one man who needs celebrating this Sunday. A man who tells the most embarrassing jokes in front of all your friends, a man who’s taxi is free and always there on time. Lets celebrate a  man who dances like he’s still in 1984, a man who cooks the best burgers on the BBQ even […]

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My daughter has just come back from the first taster session with school and is beaming! All the kids loved it!Tom Crooks, 46 – Stockton