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After an extremely busy summer all our lovely adventures returned back to school in early September and we thought the GoClimb crew would get a well deserved break. Or so we thought, but the first half term has continued to be busy and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Read on to see what we have been up to…

Our after school sessions running Wednesday to Friday are gaining in popularity and have been great for letting off steam after a hard day at school plus it’s a great midweek treat.

We have also been busy with regular visits from local educational groups like Scouts, Beavers & Guides as well as having a few early school trips.

GoClimb continues to be a great birthday party destination and over the last few weeks we have seen lots of excitable children running through the entrance doors and raring to go for a piece of the climbing action as well as a piece or two of cake. We also now offer our exclusive parties the option to have a dark climb session. The lights are switched off and the party goers get to climb using a head torch to make their way up the walls – this is one to definitely try for your child’s next birthday party. Adults can join in too though!

Every third Sunday of the month we have our Quiet Climb sessions where we welcome children with autism and other specific needs. These sessions continue to be the perfect opportunity for these children to enjoy GoClimb and the vast array of challenges in a quieter, calmer environment. As well as this monthly session we are extremely glad to be able to support regular visits from special educational needs groups like SNAPS.

It goes without saying though that the highlight of this first half term has got to be our first ever Harry Potter Magic & Muggles event that took place on 28th September. We had 4 jam packed sold out sessions along with 1 session over half full – overall seeing almost 120 avid Potter fans taking over GoClimb. The day was a great success with both staff and climbers getting dressed up. We had music, games, plenty of sweets and other goodies plus a photobooth/dress up area. Our climbers even got to try on the sorting hat to see which house they really belong to! We haven’t even mentioned the climbing yet. GoClimb was in darkness for the day making it rather spooky but it was rather fitting and created a truly brilliant atmosphere. This is an event we definitely want to repeat so keep your eyes peeled. Check out a handful of our photos from the event below.

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But there’s no rest for the wicked and after a long half term it’s almost time to break up from school again! That means we are open everyday and even better as GoClimb will be transformed into a Halloween Spooktacular. Find out more about our Halloween half term fun here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have enjoyed catching up on what we have been up to here at GoClimb.

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The staff gave our nervous children loads of encouragement and never a negative word heard.Both children were flying by the end and desperate to come back.Gary Dickinson