All Tees Active venues are closed from Thursday 19th March 2020 until further notice.

Please see www.facebook.com/teesactive/posts/2848750751884538 for more information.

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You have just got back in from school or work, little bit tired and ready for something to eat. You don’t really want to be rushing around to be back out of the door again quickly…..

GoClimb understands, we’ve got your back! That is why we have moved the first session on week nights back to 5pm, to give you the chance to have some tea, maybe even a cuppa before you can come and have a fun night at GoClimb!

Click on the calendar to check availability and book online to guarantee your spot.

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My daughter has just come back from the first taster session with school and is beaming! All the kids loved it!Tom Crooks, 46 – Stockton